Material Strategies

Throughout history, architecture has been shaped by the continual transformation of material technologies and application methods. Material Strategies: Innovative Applications in Architecture, the latest volume in Princeton Architectural Press’ Architecture Briefs series, is a primer on materials that also provides insight into emerging technologies and their creative implementation. Concise chapters based on fundamental material categories—mineral, concrete, wood, metal, glass, and plastic—describe the basic history of each material, its importance to architecture (both technologically as well as culturally), and show how materials are applied to affect design. Each chapter closes with case studies of exceptional contemporary buildings that demonstrate successful realization of material-based innovation. Material Strategies reveals the ways in which new materials are utilized to advance the architectural canon—and ultimately illustrates the transformative power of design.

Fast Company
“In each case, fresh technological developments let the architects experiment with the material in a manner that would’ve seemed unimaginable to the concrete dogmatists of yore.”

“Material Strategies is intended not just to reacquaint architects with the nuts and bolts of architecture, but to insist, in the face of the field’s digital enthusiasts, that innovation can come not just from a drafting program but from the latent potential found in concrete, glass, masonry, wood, metal, and plastic.”

Spacing Vancouver
“The book is a thoughtful examination of the larger influence of materials and their relationship to culture, behavior, environment and the urban landscape.”

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