Material Performance

The opportunity to design high performance “green” buildings challenges architects to create or find environmentally friendly materials and construction processes that suggest future value. Concepts such as designing for adaptability, disassembly, reuse, reduced waste or energy self-sufficiency promise important innovations. The selection of materials in architecture design and construction is inextricably linked to assessment methods for determining environmental and resource impacts over the life (and afterlife) of buildings.

This course investigates the complex issues associated with green building material selection, fabrication, construction and deconstruction processes in the production of high performance sustainable building designs. Using case studies and class exercises, students apply life cycle assessment tools as measures of green building performance, and creatively strategize the redesign of major building components. As a foundation course in the MS-SD program, Arch 8565 employs an ecological model as pedagogy; curriculum and course structure; and as a template for student, faculty, and community relationships.

ARCH 8565: Material Performance in Sustainable Building. Graduate seminar, required MS-SD course/elective M.Arch seminar (3 credits). University of Minnesota School of Architecture.

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