Digital Carpet

Digital Carpet responds to individual presence and assists with visitor way finding.

Interactive displays, directional signage, and lighting are often located on walls or ceilings—but rarely are they incorporated within the floor. The Digital Carpet is a responsive, self-illuminating walking surface designed to monitor pedestrian traffic and light one’s path in dimly-lit conditions. The carpet incorporates conductive thread, pressure-sensitive piezoelectric film, and embedded LEDs. A custom software algorithm tracks pedestrian walking speed and direction, and projects potential future paths by illuminating the floor ahead—taking into account multiple routes, open doorways, and heavier circulation zones. The floor may also be linked to a visitor’s personal GPS route for building interior navigation. In this case, the floor becomes the map.

Digital Carpet may be connected to personal GPS systems for full-scale building interior navigation.

* may be distracting for some building visitors
* building occupant presence and movement are emphasized
* provides enhanced way finding
* illuminates one’s path in dimly lit spaces
* may be used for egress pathways in case of an emergency