Material Resilience

One of the most sought-after characteristics in the built environment is resilience. Increasingly harmful natural disasters, volatile weather patterns, potential … More

Stimulus Package

Recent developments in materials science offer tremendous opportunities for invention. This is particularly so with smart materials and nanomaterials that … More

Materials Experience

Materiality not only influences the physical attributes of objects and environments, but also shapes experience. In design, each material decision … More

Digital Carpet

Digital Carpet responds to individual presence and assists with visitor way finding. Interactive displays, directional signage, and lighting are often … More

Synthetic Bark

Synthetic Bark translates the function and form of tree bark into high-performance architectural cladding. Bark provides multiple functions to trees, … More

Suspended Flow

The last place one expects water to be is suspended overhead. Conventional ceilings are just that—conventional. Suspended Flow is a … More


Visiwall is an OLED cladding system that transforms the communicative potential of the architectural facade. One of the most significant … More


The Terrafloor is a living floor system designed for interior use. First there were green roofs, and then green walls. … More

Shimmer House

Reflective materials transform a seaside condominium into a light-harvesting space. A 1960s-era condominium located on the seashore in northwest Florida … More

Algae Tube Facade

The Algae Tube Facade regulates solar exposure with living microbes. Algal blooms create deleterious environmental effects for underwater life because … More

House Wrap

House Wrap radically transforms existing buildings with minimal materials. According to planning expert Arthur C. Nelson, over half of new … More

Tianjin Workshop

Architects, engineers, and materials scientists have been attracted to biomimicry for two primary reasons: for guidance about how to improve … More

Pipe Light

Pipe Light transforms used PVC piping and fittings into a light conveyor system. PVC is third most widely consumed plastic … More

New Sod House

Sod brick construction of early homesteads is re-imagined as a contemporary wall system. Sod was a typical building material used … More

Telepresence Room

The Telepresence Room provides an immersive teleconferencing experience and reduces unnecessary business travel. Business-related travel hit a peak in 2007, … More

Sky Bower

The Sky Bower delivers high-impact, non-intrusive foliage to interior spaces. Indoor plants provide many positive benefits for building occupants, including … More

Base Wall

Base Wall transforms discarded wall base into a new exterior cladding system. Construction waste remains a significant global problem. According … More

Materials as Probes

Architecture is a ‘slow’ weather probe. Our cognition of the relationship between architecture and environment—or between architecture the dynamic milieu … More