Best Books of the Year

Transmaterial Next was selected as one of the top ten books on the environment, cities, and landscape for 2017 by The … More

Inventive Matter

Embodied Energy and Design: Making Architecture Between Metrics and Narratives Architecture accounts for one third of global carbon emissions, energy … More

Bio2 Design Lab

This study abroad course in Beijing and Tianjin, China, interrogates architecture’s new relationship with nature in two geographic locations and … More

Hypernatural Studio

Hypernatural addresses the changing relationship between the designed environment and the natural world—as well as the opportunities that arise from … More

Transmaterial Next

Virtually every revolution in architecture has been preceded by a revolution in materials: think iron, glass, steel, concrete, plastics, or … More

Activating Architecture

Plagued by fear, anger and a widespread empathy deficit, our cultural and political climate thrives on exploiting, rather than exploring, … More

Heavy Air

Today’s rapidly-growing Chinese megacities represent a breathtaking urban future. Skyscrapers, shopping malls, and massive infrastructure projects continue to appear in … More

Material Transformations

Throughout history architecture has been shaped by the continual transformation of material technologies and application methods. Its course of development … More

Biologically Motivated

Fields from architecture and art to engineering and nano-technology are increasingly looking to biology for inspiration. Strategies such as biomimicry … More

Japan: Imagining Totalscape

“Whenever one goes to Japan, one encounters this continuous landscape, which links city to nature and in which the major … More

Biologically Motivated Symposium

Biologically Motivated is an interdisciplinary graduate group at the University of Minnesota that emerged from conversations among faculty from the … More

4545 Roosevelt

When the owner of a 100,000 SF property in Seattle’s University District approached NBBJ to design a mid-rise office building, … More

Hypernatural Exhibition

Despite the ever-growing sophistication of synthetic and digital tools, it’s the natural world that captures the imaginations of today’s vanguard … More

China Lab

Today’s rapidly-growing Chinese megacities like Shanghai and Guangzhou present fascinating examples of emerging urbanism suspended between influences of tradition and … More


Despite the ever-growing sophistication of synthetic and digital tools, it’s the natural world that captures the imaginations of today’s vanguard … More

Designed for the Future

Biomimicry and biodesign—which involve creating lifelike or living systems, products, and technologies—give me hope about the future. Several architects and … More

From Matter to X-Matter

The physical materials and processes used to design and construct the built environment reveal the growing application of information technology … More

Shrivel and Shrink

When building 1:1, traditional methods of evaluating scale and size seem to no longer apply. Typical architectural elements of human … More