Blaine Brownell is an architect and former Fulbright scholar to Japan with a focus on emergent materials and applications. He is an associate professor and director of graduate studies at the University of Minnesota School of Architecture and principal of the design and research practice Transstudio.

Brownell authored the three-volume Transmaterial series as well as Matter in the Floating World, Material Strategies, and Hypernatural (co-authored with Marc Swackhamer) with Princeton Architectural Press. He also writes the Mind & Matter column for Architect magazine.

Considered a leading scholar on advanced materials for architecture and design, Brownell has been published in over 70 architecture, design, science, and news journals including The New York Times, The London Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Boston Globe, New Scientist, and Discover, and he has lectured widely in the Americas, Europe, and Asia.

Blaine’s latest book is Transmaterial Next: A Catalog of Materials that Redefine Our Future.

[This bio refers to Blaine E. Brownell. Information on his father, Blaine A. Brownell, may be found here.]


  1. Dear Blaine,
    thanks for the really great article about Artists and Robots exhibition in Astana. It is getting so rare to have real journalist writing proper article these days!
    I was involved in the exhibition and I wanted to reach out because I noticed two typos in artists’ name:
    – it should be Leonel Moura
    – and Memo Akten
    thanks a lot

  2. Hi Blaine

    Just wanted to let you know we featured you in our recent post:
    How Programming Skills Today Create the Architects of Tomorrow

    Feel free to share on your site or on social media, and keep it up!


    Nikki Tuting | Content Administrator
    nikki@epicpresence.net | 800.531.2969

    350 N Orleans St #9000N
    Chicago, IL 60654

  3. Hello Mr Brownell
    I am the editor of Concrete Trends magazine, a South African published business to business magazine covering concrete in some of its many forms.
    I am requesting your permission to reprint your article “Concrete – it’s electric!” in the November issue of Concrete Trends.
    It will appear in the Concrete Technology section although it would equally fit into Sustainability.
    There will, of course, be full acknowledgement of source.

  4. Hello Blaine,

    I highly commend your work on sustainable material innovation. I believe it contributes to a very unique body of knowledge that will be instrumental in resolving huge global challenges as critical as plastics pollution and the transition away from oil.

    Although I am very interested in those issues, I am reaching out to you for another not less fascinating research topic. That is 3D printing with earth materials.

    Apart from the work WASP is doing in Italy I am not aware of anyone else using traditional earth materials to 3D print buildings. I would then greatly appreciate any information available on this very specific line of reasearch.

    I look forward to reply.

    Best Regards,


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