4545 Roosevelt

When the owner of a 100,000 SF property in Seattle’s University District approached NBBJ to design a mid-rise office building, it was clear the project would require a delicate infill approach among popular and heavily frequented uses. Charged with the mandate of disrupting existing tenants as little as possible, the design team set out to propose a project on a site loaded with controversy.

Inspired by the previous use of the site, which was home to the first Mazda automobile dealership in the U.S., as well as particular modern artists’ methods of abstracting the energy and speed of the automobile within urban landscapes (such as Mondrian’s Broadway Boogie-Woogie), we considered the proposed building envelope as an urban-scaled canvas onto which a similar abstraction created in honor of local automotive history could be played-out.

NBBJ. “4545 Roosevelt.” 50,000 SF speculative office building at 4545 Roosevelt Way, Seattle, Washington, 2016. Anchor tenant: the University of Washington. Roles: Project architect and lead designer.

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